Coated Seed WASP

Water Absorbing Seed Process

Tried and tested absorber technology has allowed us to coat seeds with a nutrient coating that stores moisture. This treatment produces unique power seeds, resulting in seedlings that are supplied with essential nutrients and moisture from the start, even during dry periods. The absorber material stores moisture when it comes into contact with water and then releases it to the seedling as needed. The nutrients contained in the coated seeds are dissolved in the water and then stored in the absorber material.

Coated Seed WASP boosts the water absorption and retention properties of seeds by a factor of up to 100 to ensure that seeds are able to swell and receive a reliable long-term supply of moisture. The additional water supply delivered by WASP technology constitutes an enormous benefit, particularly under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. The absorber retains its storage capacity for several weeks to ensure that seedlings are reliably supplied with water until they have become established.

A water-retaining absorber layer capable of retaining many times its own volume of water is incorporated in the coating during the coating process.

Benefits of Coated Seed WASP – overview:

  • Coated Seed WASP contains a moisture absorber in addition to the “Classic” active ingredients
  • Superior performance over competitor products, particularly during dry periods
  • Outstanding benefits in times of heat and drought
  • Increased water retention capacity by a factor of 100
  • Unique on the market