Coated Seed Speed

Faster germination due to germination accelerators

The addition of novel germination accelerators speeds up the germination process and ensures that seeds become established much more quickly. Various natural growth boosters and a novel composition of active substances accelerate the biological processes within seeds, resulting in earlier germination. Depending on the variety, the germination period may be reduced by up to several days.

This process is particularly advantageous in varieties with very long germination periods including, for example, Kentucky bluegrass, which takes about four weeks to germinate after sowing. The coating not only accelerates the germination process, but also optimises seedling growth, resulting in faster growth than can be achieved with uncoated seeds.

The germination accelerator is placed directly on seeds during the coating process to ensure that it actively boosts the germination process.

Benefits of Coated Seed Speed – overview:

  • Coated Seed Speed contains a germination accelerator in addition to the “Classic” active ingredients
  • Faster germination compared to uncoated seeds
  • Clearly improved seed vitality under extreme conditions
  • Rapid, healthy seedling development
  • Robust plants